Master Athletics Paddle Cover for Platform Tennis / Pickleball

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Product Overview

The Master Paddle Cover features a full-zippered closure and dual sided padding that will protect your paddle on the way to and from the court. Whether you're trying to keep the grit of your platform tennis paddle from scratching your other gear, or trying to keep the surface of your pickleball paddle scratch free, this cover fits and protects as advertised!

An adjustable shoulder strap is a nice feature for those minimalists who like to travel to the courts with little gear, and also offers the option to locker-hang it.  

Master Athletics Paddle Cover Features:
  • Zippered closure with easy pull tab
  • Accommodates one paddle
  • With adjustable shoulder strap
  • Master logo
  • Dimensions:  19"L x 2"W x 12"H


  • One paddle
  • Any Platform Tennis Paddle we stock (All Viking paddles, All Wilson Paddles, All Harrow and Master Athletics Paddles
  • pickleball paddles WE stock
  • padel rackets we stock
  • pop tennis paddles we stock


(No reviews yet) Write a Review