Master Athletics Pickleball Paddle Tuning Kit

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Product Overview

The Master Athletics Pickleball Tuning Kit is designed to easily allow players to tune Master's “EDGE” PICKLEBALL paddles with added weight and/or vibration dampening. This kit is a "do it yourself" solution to making your paddle truly your own!

Self-adhesive strips are easily placed into the channels along the paddle's rim at desired locations, depending on the feel you seek. If you change your mind, you can simply remove (or move) the strips to restore the paddle to its original design.

BRS Top Tips: Remember, make sure to match the installation on one side with the exact installation on the opposite side! Also, for any other platform tennis paddles (non-EDGE) models, we recommend our half inch wide, adhesive backed lead tape that can be laid onto any paddle's bumper for the same purpose.

The Master Athletics Pickleball Paddle Tuning Kit Includes:

Weighted strips = 2.5 grams apiece
Dampening strips = 1 gram apiece
Note that strips may need to be trimmed depending on application. All Master Athletic paddles indicate the center balance line, which is marked on the Edge of the paddles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review