Racquet Services

Let Us Tune Your Racquet For Exceptional Performance!

First and foremost: Yes, we restring tennis, badminton, squash and racquetball racquets!

Talk about experience! We've been in the racquet business since 1985, providing our valued customers with outstanding service and exceptional pricing. We string and service thousands of racquets each year for everyone from the local club player to college teams, to top ranked professional players.

Why have Bell Racquet Sports service your racquet?

  • Master Racquet Technicians in-house to professionally service your racquet
  • Service is what got us on the map! We provide high quality service at competitive prices with a quick turnaround.
  • Our Staff are players too! They will intelligently walk you through the myriad choices of string, tension and grips available for your racquet.
  • We specialize in racquet customizations and stringing hard-to-string racquets (think E-Force Racquetball, unusual string patterns and classic racquets)
  • We maintain a digital history of every service performed on your racquet. We can easily pull up your record to discuss prior services performed which often helps as a reference point for service moving forward.
  • We stock replacement parts required to service many older and current racquets, as well as materials to customize your racquet.
  • We stock the hottest strings on the market, in a huge variety of gauges and colors. Many strings are similar in construction...if we don't have the exact string you want, we can typically find a close match to it in an alternate brand.

How do I go about getting my racquet strung?

  • Local customers; stop in with your racquet for our 24 hour turnaround (48 for badminton) on restrings (business hours / as conditions permit) or pay a small express fee to have your racquet serviced the same day if we can accommodate it. A racquet or paddle re-grip can typically be performed on a drop-in basis, (while you wait) and takes 5 to 10 minutes. You do NOT need to call ahead to drop off a racquet for stringing or for while-you-wait grip service. When you come in, we will give your racquet a brief inspection, talk you through string and tension options  and complete a service form for your racquet. Plan to spend about five minutes with us for this process. Based on your needs, we will select a mutually convenient time for your racquet to be ready for pickup and we'll get it in the queue. That's it!

  • Out-of-towners; there are a couple of options:

    • SEND IN NOW, PAY WHEN WE SHIP BACK: Print our Racquet Service Order Form, fill it out and include it in your box. Ship your racquet(s) to us at:  Bell Racquet Sports, Attn: Racquet Service, 349 W. Commercial St., East Rochester, NY 14445. Printable Label (not prepaid)

    • OR, call us at 800-724-9439 to let us know that you're sending your racquet to us. We will talk through string, tension and any grip or other needs, filling out a service request for you, and await your racquet's arrival. We will process payment at the time work is completed on your racquet and we are ready to ship it back to you.

    • We typically service and ship your racquet back to you the same or the next business day

What is the price of a restring? 

  • The majority of our strings run between $27 to $39 professionally installed. The price depends on the string you choose.

What is the price of a regrip? 

  • The majority of our grips cost between $6 to $15 professionally installed. The price depends on the grip you choose. Yes, you can purchase a grip and install it yourself!

What if I have my own string? 

  • Yes, we can use your string as long as it isn't circa 1970 and it is of decent quality. We charge a flat fee to restring in this case.

I string my own racquets, can I just purchase the string? 

  • Yes, we are at or often below internet prices on string by the set or by the reel. We stock plenty so that we can resell to our local stringers!

Need help deciding what string to use?  Or help knowing what tension to string your racquet?  Other racquet repair needs? 

Here we take a deeper dive into services and options available for specific racquet types.

Bell Racquet Sports is undeniably THE PLACE TO GO for anyone serious about racquet sports.