We carry the industries' leading strings from the brands our customers request the most. We stock tennis string, badminton string, squash string and racquetball string. And yes, some of these can cross over (for example, tennis string can be used in squash and racquetball racquets).  READ ABOUT RACQUET STRING HERE FOR HELP.

String Gauge: the higher the number, the thinner the string. 

  • Tennis: 16g and 17g are the most common
  • Squash: 17g is the most common
  • Racquetball: 17g is the most common, but many players use 16g if durability is an issue
  • Badminton: 22g is the most common

String Packaging: sold by the SET (enough for stringing ONE racquet) or by the REEL (for multiple racquets, depending on the size of the reel).

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