Master Athletics P3 Pickleball Paddle, Customizable

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Product Overview

The Master Athletics P3 series offers a tremendously advanced customizable pickleball paddle. A substantial 16mm beam and clean edge, offer both comfort, stability and control and the Spintex surface ensures plenty of texture for spin hitters to amp up their spin.

The weight and balance of the P3 and P3 XL can be easily altered in a simple, do-it-yourself process so that you can make your paddle truly unique to you!

The P3 and P3 XL feature a recessed EDGE channel on the sides of the paddle head that accomodate the weighting and dampening tuning strips (Tuning Kit sold separately, but FREE with paddle purchase for a limited time). The tuning kit allows you to make this paddle heavier, in increments, as you wish. The strips are easy to apply and to remove. Most players start with the paddle in factory condition, and then adjust as desired to achieve the level of dampening and weighting they desire.

Three ways to customize this paddle:

1) To increase manuverability...remove the rubber throat plug to showcase its "open throat" design. This soft rubber plug weighs .25 oz., and requires only a squeeze with your fingers to easily pop it out. Now your paddle weighs less AND moves through the air more easily.

2) To add vibration dampening for a smoother feel...install the dampening strips from the Tuning Kit into the recessed "Edge" channel on the paddle's perimeter

3) To make your paddle heavier, re-install the throat plug, and/or install your desired amount of weighting strips from the Tuning Kit into the recessed "EDGE" channel on the paddle's perimeter.

Yes, you can create your own combination of dampening AND weighting by installing a mix of the two types of Tuning Kit strips until you achieve you desired custom feel and performance.

Coming Soon: as if this weren't take customizing a step further, the P3 and P3 XL offer the eventual availability of a weighted bumper on the top of the paddle and a weighted butt cap on the bottom (parts that will be available for purchase separately, along with the compatible installation tool).


Specifications of the Master Athletics P3 Pickleball Paddle:

Weight: 8.0 ounces (average, unweighted, without throat plug installed)
Length: 16.15 inches
7.75 inches
Balance: 245 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
Carbon Fiber with Spintex
Core:  Polymer Honeycomb Core
Edge:  Flush Fit Bumper
Grip Size:  4 inch
Handle Length: 5"
Grip Material:  Cushioned, tacky, with micro perforations
Color: Black / Gold
Meets USAPA specifications


FREE TUNING KIT automatically ships with this paddle.  One per paddle purchased. $20 Value. 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review