Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler, Men Comfort Fit, Gray


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Pickleball;Tennis;Platform Tennis; Indoor Court
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Product Overview

While this shoe has the word"pickleball" screened in tiny font on the shoe's ankle collar area, it is otherwise identical to Rush Pro Ace marketed toward tennis. The shoe can be worn interchangeably for multiple court sports, and is only different in the way it is being marketed.

The most generous fit in the popular Rush Pro line, the Rush Pro Ace earns high grades for tennis players with a strong preference for comfort on the court. Highlighted by its wider width (Comfort Fit) to accommodate wider feet, this shoe also helps stabilize the foot through its Support Chassis: a symmetrical heel-toe chassis that limits supination to help control pivot movements. Layered with Sensifeel on the upper for additional breathability, the Rush Pro Ace delivers an appealing blend of comfort, stability and aesthetic for supreme confidence with every step.

If you like a more generous toebox, but find that your heel slips in a true wide width shoe, this is one to consider! It's standard to narrower heel cup ensures a more contoured fit, with the width just being in the forefoot area where players need it most often!

This shoe is a smart choice for tennis, padel, platform tennis, pop tennis and pickleball players alike 

features of the Wilson Rush Ace Men:

new Support Chassis limits supination and torsion to help control pivot movements while loading up for powerful strokes, creating superior stability

Sensifeel features a minimally layered upper to upgrade comfort while maintaining superior support

DF2 provides cushioned court feel, yielding compromise between comfort and quick performance (DF2 = HT Drop 9 mm)
Rubber Medial Drag Pad supplies added durability and protection when dragging the foot

R-DST+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance

Duralast consists of a high-density, consummately durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces

Designed for all court surfaces (indoor, outdoor, hardcourt and clay)

Fit: Width runs WIDER THAN OTHER WILSON SHOES (yet not super wide) / Length runs true to size


(No reviews yet) Write a Review