Wilson Rush Pro 4.5 Men, White/Green


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Pickleball Outdoor;Tennis;Platform Tennis
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Product Overview

The Wilson Rush Pro 4.5 builds on the innovations of the 4.0 with new upgrades that improve breathability, support and abrasion resistance. For players who are willing to take on just a little added weight for the most durable, stable and supportive of Wilson's shoes, this is just the one!

The engineered mesh upper has a graduated pattern, with a larger hole mesh toward the front to promote airflow and a tighter mesh toward the heel for support. A redesigned, larger, integrated medial mud guard provides all-around protection and support, and an enlarged rubber drag pad on the lateral side is extra thick to resist abrasion and anatomically shaped to follow the foot's profile.

The Lightweight Energy Cell EVA foam under the forefoot provides cushioning on impact, then responds to help you spring back into position. Sleek, durable and providing multidirectional support, the Rush Pro puts your game on a great foundation, whatever the playing surface.


Details of the Wilson Rush Pro 4.5:

-4D Support Chassis 2.0 splits chassis into two pieces: one running under the foot for forward propulsion, the other running laterally from heel to toe for superior stability and control
-Energy Cell comprises a lightweight EVA foam in the forefoot of the midsole to create softer feel and optimal body weight transfer for explosive acceleration
-Sensifeel 2.0 features a minimally layered upper with an engineered mesh for enhanced breathability, feel and comfort
-Endofit provides enhanced comfort, stability and an intuitive fit through a full inner sock construction
-DF2 provides cushioned court feel, yielding compromise between comfort and quick performance (DF2 = HT Drop 9 mm)
Medial Rubber Drag Pad: Rubber overlay in the medial area supplies additional durability and protection when dragging the foot.
-R-DST+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance
-Duralast consists of a high-density, consummately durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces
-Designed for best performance on all court surfaces

Color: White / Forest Green

Fit Comment: Average in width and true to size in length.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review