Penn QST 36 Foam Training Tennis Ball, Buy Indivually

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Product Overview

Quickstart Tennis is an exciting new play format for introducing kids between the ages of 6 to 10 into the game by utilizing shorter courts, modified scoring and racquets and balls tailored to a child's size and age. The play format makes playing tennis easier and more fun, and is recommended for use in lessons, clinics, team competition, tournaments and casual play.

The QST 36 foam balls are ideal for beginning players 8 and under learning the game. This lightweight foam ball has an oversized diameter for easy-spotting and ability to practice and easily see ball rotation and spin. Made of high-density lightweight foam for a modified bounce, the QST 36 Foam is also perfect for indoor court settings, gyms, etc. All Penn QST products are USTA and ITF approved and endorsed by the USPTA.

Tip:  Makes a great pickleball practice ball for working on your spin game.  See the effects of your spin technique on the ball with more visibility as the yellow and red spin and show up with ease.  Also safe for indoor drills etc.

  • High-density lightweight foam ball.
  • Oversized diameter for simple learning.
  • Ideal for indoor court settings.
  • Ideal for 36' tennis court size (service line to service line).
    Sold Individually.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review