Penn QST 36 Felt Tennis Ball, Bulk

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Product Overview

The Penn QST 36 low pressure tennis ball is ideal for beginning players 8 and under playing on a 36' tennis court, the QST 36 Felt features a low compression core modifying the speed and bounce for greater control. With durable felt and a lively bounce, the QST 36 Felt is perfect for driveway play and outdoor courts. All Penn QST products are USTA and ITF approved and endorsed by the USPTA.

Details of the Penn QST 36 Felt (Not Foam) Tennis Ball

Traditional woven outer coating (like a QST 60 or any regular or extra duty tennis ball)
Size: Slightly larger than a standard tennis ball
Weight: Slightly lighter than a standard tennis ball
Core: non-pressurized / last indefinitely stored exposed or unsealed at room temperature
Sold Individually.
Color: Red/Yellow
Note: Penn makes another qst 36 (same name) that is a large, foam learners ball (think "nerf" type foam ball). This foam tennis ball is often used for teaching tennis, practicing pickleball indoors, and more!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review