Yonex Percept 100

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Product Overview

The Yonex Percept 100 is a version of the Percept catering to intermediate to advanced players seeking a little more help with pop and power than the 97 offers. While it still falls in the "players frame" category of racquets geared toward control and precision, it is a bit more user friendly in terms of head size and stiffness.

Technologies in the Yonex Percept 100

SERVOFILTER: A transparent film placed between graphite enhances flexibility when pressure is applied and filters out unnecessary vibration. 60%* more flexible and 500%* faster vibration dampening than graphite (*Yonex tests)
FLEXCON SYSTEM: A tapered and elongated box frame shaft is composed with 2G-Namd™ Flex Force and SERVO FILTER. This system helps the racquet to flex and extend the ball pocketing duration at the impact.
2G-NAMD™ FLEX FORCE: Flex Force graphite allows the racquet to quickly flex and snap back for greater spin and faster ball acceleration off the string bed. Results in 15%* more flexibility on the racquet shaft (*Yonex tests)

Specifications of the Yonex Percept 100:

Head Size: 100 sq. inches
Length: 27''
Weight: 10.6 oz. / 300g (unstrung)
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 16x19
Width: 23 mm
Optimal String Tension: 45-60 lbs.
Color:  Green


To have us string your racquet, you MUST either choose a FREE String option OR put a set of your desired string in your shopping cart (you buy it, we install it FREE of charge).

Recommended Tension Range (lbs): see product specifications above
Mid=blend of power and control
Lower than mid=more power, less control
Higher than mid=more control, less power

For hybrid stringing (multiple strings or tensions) or other specialized requirements, please call us to talk through options and prices.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review