Wilson Ultra Elite V2 POP Tennis Paddle / Padel Paddle


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Product Overview

The Wilson Ultra Elite V2 is optimized for lightweight power and cushioned feel! The Ultra Elite v2 packs powerful performance within a sleek, bold design for competitive players. This one swings with so much ease and feels as great at the end of the match as it did at the beginning. While it doesn't drive the ball as hard due to less overall mass, the tradeoff in maneuverability is something to consider!

New geometry features Power Pillar, a bridge spanning the throat to enhance power and stability throughout the swing. Carbon Fiberglass material and Soft EVA foam combine to produce a lightweight, cushioned feel with top-tier shock absorption and a desirable blend of comfort and lightweight power for its users.

This paddle is used for POP Tennis (paddle tennis), padel and beach tennis. This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

Features of the Wilson Ultra Elite V2 Pop Tennis Paddle / Padel Racket

Carbon Fiberglass Composite: Blend of carbon and woven fiberglass contributes lightweight feel and produces greater power than fiberglass paddles.
Soft EVA Foam: Offers cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating effective blend of comfort and lightweight power.
Opti-Grip: Similar to a basketball, this uniform pebbled pattern on the surface optimizes ball grip for added control on high-powered, aggressive shots.
Infinity Edge: Revolutionary concave design along the paddle edge increases the sweet spot and playing surface for boost of power.
Sublime Grip: Encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on the surface.
Wrist Strap: Handle strap wraps and tightens around wrist to prevent losing control of paddle.
Power Pillar: Bridge across throat creates extra dose of power and additional stability through the swing.
Infinity Edge: increases the paddle sweet spot and playing surface with a revolutionary concave design along the paddle edge

Specifications of the Wilson Ultra Elite V2 Padel Racket 

Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
Weight: 361 grams (average)
Balance: 260 mm
Beam: 38 mm thick
Face Surface: Matte with raised surface texturized pattern
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4 inch
Color: Black / Blue
Other: Integrated head guard for protection and durability
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review