Tecnifibre Wallmaster 375 POP / Padel, Textured Face


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Product Overview

The Tecnifibre Wallmaster 375 is a strong seller in the harder-hitting, super stable category, geared toward intermediate to advanced players who seek added mass at impact to return faster paced balls. For those who like a bit more heft in the hand, this is a great one to consider! This item is used for POP TENNIS, padel and beach.  This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

The Tecnifibre Wallmaster 375 features a round shaped frame with a centralized impact zone for more precision. Its clean cut holes (3 different diameters) sit slightly higher than average in the racket head to provide grab on the ball even on hits higher toward the frame. For those who like added spin via a textured face, this one has raised ridges all across the racket face that bite the ball and increase spin velocity.

The top of the frame has been developed with "Front Block" technology, for long lasting durability. Finally, a stabilizing throat bar helps resist torsion for a throat design that will ensure plenty of power through the shaft.


Features of the Tecnifibre Wall Master 375 Paddle:

Weight: 375 grams +/- 5g
Beam:  38.0 mm thick
Length: 17.9 inches
Hole Count: 60 (Progressive Holes Diameter...a unique design with a combination of large & small holes)
Face Surface:  matte finish with entirely textured face; ridge pattern
Origin: designed in France, made in China
Grip Sizes:
4-1/4 inch
Color:  Black / White / Red / Blue  (Mostly matte, partly gloss finish)
Includes a full, zippered cover.
Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.

Other: Carbon Shield - A light & tolerant fiber used on the face for more comfort and maneuverability. Integrated bumper protection for added durability.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review