Viking OZ Prodigy GG (Gradient)

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Paddle Core:
Soft Core (More Control)
Paddle Weight:
11.8-12.9 oz.
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Product Overview

This Viking OZ Prodigy GG Paddle is a carry-over from last season and goes right on forward into 2022!  The Grit Guard (GG) introduced in 2019 carries forward, giving a smooth area above the handle for more hand comfort.   Viking designed this model as their lightest of the OZ family of paddles with their softest core.  Players will find this a cushy paddle that is easy to swing and shock absorbing at impact.  We recommend this paddle to players who seek cutting edge technology that provides maximum comfort, ball control and accuracy.

Specifications of the Viking OZ Prodigy GG:

Weight:  12.3 oz. / 350 grams
Core Density:  Low
Head Surface Size: 85 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch
Color:  Teal / Navy Gradient (Note: Hand painted to achieve gradient; causes variations making each paddle unique)
No cover
Replaces:  Viking OZ Prodigy GG 2019
Key difference 2019 vs 2020 version:  no change other than color

Not sure what grip size you really need?

Grip Size:  We know that for many of you, a 4-1/4'' grip is just too small.  For this reason, we offer you a professional grip buildup option so that you can avoid messing around with layers of overgrips to enlarge the handle size.  No, it will not delay the shipping of your paddle.  Don't know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.

Understanding the difference between OZ paddle models

All of the OZ paddles have the same 85 square inch head size, which is Viking's original MEDIUM head size. They vary by weight and density of the core.
OZ Pro – (mid+) highest density core, heaviest of the OZ family
OZ Lite – medium density, medium weight
OZ Prodigy – low density (softest) core and lightest weight of the OZ family


(No reviews yet) Write a Review