HEAD Prime Tour Overgrip, 3 Pack

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Product Overview

Soft Feel! HEAD Prime Tour Overgrip offers an easy way to add a bit of size and grip-aid to your racquet or paddle handle without a sticky feel in the hand. With a perfect blend of softness and slight tack, the Prime Tour Overgrip has become on of our best-sellers!

Details of HEAD Prime Tour Overgrip 3 Pack:

3 individual overgrips with their finishing tape
Colors: See menu

HELPFUL NOTE: ''Overgrips'' are meant to be wrapped over the top of your ''base'' grip. They serve to provide additional tackiness and sweat absorption to a worn grip, and/or to slightly increase the size of a grip (they are typically only 1/16'' thick). They are a temporary solution and need to be replaced as they wear.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review