HEAD IG Speed 25 Junior Tennis Racquet 2023 SUPER SALE


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25 inch
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Product Overview

The HEAD IG SPEED 25 is the perfect racquet for the more serious youngster who wants the benefits of the adult Speed racquet, in a less expensive frame.


With a strong and powerful one-piece frame composition, just like the adult version of the Speed, this lighter, scaled down racquet will help advance your player's skills until they are ready for the next step toward and adult frame. 

Prestrung, ready to take and play. Includes cover with adjustable shoulder strap.
Ideal for players 4'6''' to 5' tall in the age range of 9-12 years old.

Specifications of the Head IG SPEED 26 Junior Tennis Racquet:

Head Size: 100 square inches
Length: 25''
Weight: 8.5 oz unstrung
Construction: Composite with Innegra
Color:  Black
Other: Prestrung. Includes cover with adjustable shoulder strap.

Kid's tennis racquet sizing assistance:

Children's racquets (19'', 21'', 23'' frames) and Junior racquets (25'', 26'' frames) are typically for players under 5 feet in height. They are designed with smaller grips that will better fit the hand of a younger player and they range in quality and performance from beginner style racquets to high performance graphite frames that are simply a shorter version of the same adult frame.

The better the quality of the racquet, the easier it will be for your Junior player to transition to a graphite adult frame when the time comes. While height is the best criteria to determine the proper racquet size for a junior or child player, we have provided general age guidelines as well in the event that the player's height is not known.

Lastly, in deciding between a 25'' and 26'' frame, we recommend the following guidelines: For the more serious Junior player, or a Junior closer to 5' in height, we recommend a 26'' frame. For the beginning Junior player or a Junior closer to 4'6'' in height, a 25'' frame should suffice.

The following chart provides a reference for sizing:

Frame Size Height of Player Age of Player
25'' or 26'' 4' 6'' - 5' 9-12 years
23'' 4' - 4' 5'' 6-8 years
21'' 3' - 3'11'' 4-5 years
19'' Up to 3' 2-3 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review