Gearbox Vision Eyewear, Blue Anti-Glare Lens


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Product Overview

The Gearbox Vision Eyewear with a Black Frame and the blue anti-glare lenses offers tremendous glare-free clarity on the court and UV400 protection.  This comfortable, protective eyeguard fits most every player with ease and features a high quality zippered carry case as an added bonus!

Wear this one indoors when you encouter glare from the gym floor surface, walls where light reflects, and any time the glare causes discomfort. For outdoor wear, it won't provide the shade of sunglasses, but provides just enough shade to slightly dim the glare from the sun.

Gearbox Vision Eyewear Features:

Blue Tint Polycarbonate Lenses
Anti-Fog Coating
Scratch Resistant
Comfortable rubber nose pads
Exceeds ASTM F803-11 Ball Impact Standards
Protective Case Included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review