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Product Overview

The Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 130 squash racquet swings with ease to help you generate terrific head speed! The thin beam width ensures just the right amount of flex to ensure that you get ample control for shot making accuracy as well.

In a classic White, Black and Green cosmetic with any-gender appeal, this racquet has been a strong seller due to its light, but forgiving weight and is now available at a reduced price!

Features of the Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 130:

Weight (unstrung): 130 grams
Head Size: 490 cm / 76 square inches
Balance: Head Light
Technology: Graphite / Carbon
Factory Strung Dunlop Great White 17g
String Pattern:  14x18
Recommended Tension Range: 20-30 lb
No cover.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review