Dunlop Nitro Star SSx 4 Player Badminton Set

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Product Overview

The Dunlop Nitro 4 Player Badminton Set for 2022 has everything you need to get out and play! Have it set up in your back yard in minutes and go have some serious fun!  Manufactured to a higher quality standard than those at your local department store, this set features a tighter stringing from the manufacturer and an improved net (not recommended to be left up outdoors for extended periods of time). Tote this badminton set to backyard gatherings in its convenient self storage bag with strap / handle.

Features of the Dunlop Blast 4 Player Badminton Set:
  • 4 racquets (durable steel racquets w/steel shafts) / 2 per color for team play!
  • Net and 2 collapsible, easy assembly steel net posts
  • 3 Shuttlecocks
  • Racquet weight: 120 grams
  • Convenient carry bag with shoulder strap


(No reviews yet) Write a Review