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Product Overview

Our Dog Walker's Mitt is a Dog Leash Mitt designed to accommodate your retractable leash, or a standard loop handled leash so that you can control it without the slippage of a standard glove or mitt!

If you struggle to hold and work your leash while walking your pooch in the cold, this is the solution you've been seeking! Simply insert your leash through the stretch, knit cuff end, and let the clasp and length of leash out through the smaller opening at the opposite end. When it's time to walk, buckle your dog to the clasp, insert your hand into the mitten, grab the handle end of your leash that's inside, and off you go!

Great for those who don't like a leather glove or bulky mitten to come between their hand and the grip.  A stretchy, knit cuff keeps the wind out around your wrist, providing snugly warm protection for the hand.

Once your leash is inserted into the mitt, we recommend leaving it inserted for daily use (rather than pulling it in and out each time you walk).

Please note that the maximum size of retractable leash case that will fit through the knit cuff is no more than 4.5 inches wide. We also recommend leash case bodies no more than 6" in length.

Using a traditional leather or fabric leash? No size restrictions on those.

Additional Features of the Dog Leash Mitt:

Construction: Fleece mitt with knit cuff. Entire mitt is lined with a poly, wicking fabric.
Mashine Wash, Line Dry
Color: Black
Size: Unisex.  One size fits all.
Width at widest area:  6 inches
Leash end opening: 1.5 inches
Sold individually; Worn on the hand you hold your leash with

Note: This item carries no manufacturer's warranty. It is not returnable once worn. Stretching or tears due to forcibally inserting your leash case will not result in a replacement or refund.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review