Babolat Jet Mach 3 AC Women, White/Blue


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Pickleball Outdoor;Tennis; Platform Tennis; Indoor Court
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Product Overview

The Babolat Jet Mach 3 AC Women. AC stands for “all court” and this shoe is a top performer in the lightweight, fleet-of-foot court shoe category for aggressive all-court players seeking lightweight comfort. Wear it for tennis on hard court or clay court, pickleball or any paddle sport. Wear it in the gym for badminton, racquetball or squash as well!

This next generation of the Jet shoes is still designed to give you maximum precision and freedom in all your movements, but now with even more lightness, comfort and stability.  The newest Matryx® technology in the composition and a Michelin out sole that has been redesigned for even more readiness for each sudden start and stop while guaranteeing optimal durability.

Staff feedback on the Jet Mach 3 versus previous Jet Mach versions:

We agreed that this version keeps us more on our toes with a more raised and cushioned heel. it also (thankfully) doesn't run as "pin-narrow" as the Mach II, with significantly more room in the forefoot that now makes it an average width shoe. There is a new shape to the sole, with a wide platform for stability just beneath the forefoot - it actually juts to a bit of a point. We have seen this with other brands, and the only concern is that from an appearance standpoint, players sometimes fear that they will catch that on the ground during lateral movement. We haven't seen this actually happen, but understand the perception.

Features of the Babolat Jet Mach 3 AC:

At only 325g (for EU size 42.5) on the scales, we have designed Jet Mach III to fly on the court. By using a unique material, MATRYX EVO with its PAHT and Aramid threads positioned in specific areas, we were able to make the shoe ultra-light and abrasion-resistant without compromising on stability and support.

The KPRSX system has been developed to offer optimal shock absorption in all game phases. The entire heel zone is protected by EVA foam with less hardness to absorb shocks in any position. And its heel rocker facilitates the roll of the foot in the transition phase between braking and restarting. Result: unparalleled shock absorption.

The sole has been redesigned to respond more precisely to the demands of the game: the surface and thickness of the tread have been increased in the areas with most abrasion and cut back in the less strained areas. The JET MACH 3 sole still uses Michelin Premium technology and offers heightened durability to reduce wear and abrasion from the specific movements of tennis.

Color: White / Blue

Fit Comments:

Width runs average / Length-runs slightly short – our suggestion, if you are between sizes, order one half size larger than you typically might order. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review