Babolat Evo Drive 115 Prestrung Tennis Racquet

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Factory Prestrung
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Product Overview

The Babolat Evo Drive 115, Prestrung Tennis Racquet has been a top seller in the powerful, easy to use, tennis racquet category.

This 16 x 17 string pattern lets the ball bite into the strings more, to achieve added spin as the player brushes over the ball. Don't hit with spin? No matter! This racquet is an easy power generator for any type of swing style and beloved by players looking for a racquet to make their game more powerful with less effort!

The Evo Drive also gives added reach with a 27.6 inch overall racquet length, making it easier to get to the ball which is an asset to the player with less agile footwork! 

We recommend the Evo Drive 115 for players who are seeking added power, spin and reach for their game!

Specifications of the Babolat Evo Drive 115 Prestrung Tennis Racquet:

Head Size: 115 sq. inches
Length: 27.6''
Weight:  8.5 oz. / 240 grams (unstrung)
Balance: Head Heavy
String Pattern: 16x17
Optimal String Tension: 50-55 lbs.
Deep blue and white racquet strung with black Babolat Synthetic String
Factory prestrung


(No reviews yet) Write a Review