Head Extreme MP Team 2024

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Product Overview

Available to Order 7/18/24. The HEAD EXTREME MP TEAM 2024 provides extreme spin and power in a lighter weight, more user friendly weight for the team or club player. In a slightly larger, 105 square inch head size, the TEAM version offers a more generous sweet spot to make consistent shot making with ease.

The Extreme TEAM has an even balance, making it both stable and easier to swing than head-heavy models in this racquet category. The entire EXTREME silo got an extreme new design with a fun, bright neon yellow that makes it unmistakeable on the court!


Specifications of the HEAD Extreme TEAM:

Head Size: 105 sq. inches
Length:  27 inches
Weight: 9.3 oz. (unstrung)
Balance: Even
String Pattern: 16MX19C
String Tension: 52-62 lbs.


To have us string your racquet, you MUST either choose a FREE String option OR put a set of your desired string in your shopping cart (you buy it, we install it FREE of charge).

Recommended Tension Range (lbs): see product specifications above
Mid=blend of power and control
Lower than mid=more power, less control
Higher than mid=more control, less power

For hybrid stringing (multiple strings or tensions) or other specialized requirements, please call us to talk through options and prices. (800) 724-9439.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review