Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 POP Tennis Paddle / Padel Paddle - 2 Player Set


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365-380 grams
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Product Overview

LIMITED TIME OFFER...SAVE WHEN YOU BUY A 2-PACK OF THIS RACQUET, one for you and one for your partner!

The Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 padel racquet can be used for POP tennis as well, and features Soft EVA Foam for a nice cushioned feel. Additional weight along the perimeter of the padel head provides increased stability, and a textured surface for enhanced spin upon contact with the face. Players with a preference for two-handed grips will appreciate the extended handle. Includes wrist strap attached to the handle for extra control and safety when sharing the court with others.

This is a great choice for beginners as well, with its round head shape offering a traditionally placed, generous sweet spot that ensures a great result, even with off-center hits.

This paddle is used for POP Tennis (paddle tennis), padel and beach tennis. This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

Features of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 Pop Tennis Paddle / Padel Racket

Carbon / Fiberglass composite composition
Soft EVA Foam: Offers more ball control with a soft, comfortable feel upon contact.
Sharp Hole Technology: Advanced hole-drilling process for added bite with every stroke.
Sublime Grip: Ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption
Wrist Strap: Handle strap wraps and tightens around wrist to prevent losing control of paddle.

Specifications of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 

Each includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
Weight: 365 grams (average)
Balance: 265 mm
Beam: 38 mm thick
Face Surface: Matte finish with a raised, texturized pattern
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4 inch
Color: Black / Yellow / Red
Other: Integrated head guard for protection and durability
No Cover
Set includes two identical paddle racquets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review