Yonex VCORE 100 2021

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Product Overview

The Yonex VCORE 100 for 2021 provides the accuracy and feel that intermediate to advanced players have come to know the VCore racquets for.  This 100 head size version is just a bit more user friendly than the VCORE 98 and is a favorite of spin hitters. Yonex tweaked the frame thickness (beam) on this year's model to make it just a tad wider in the head for added stability at the sweet spot and a bit more plow-through. 

A couple of other positive updates include Flex Force, a uniquely flexible graphite called NAMD-2 to provide just the right amount of flex at ball impact to result in improved ball control. Yonex has also incorporated String Sync into the grommet system, using specially shaped inserts that allows the strings to snap back more easily, thus creating more spin capability. Also new is a vibration dampening mesh material designed into the handle for more overall comfort.

Specifications of the Yonex VCORE 100 (300g):

Head Size: 100 sq. inches
Length: 27''
Weight: 10.6 oz. unstrung
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 16x19
Width: 24/25/22 mm
Optimal String Tension: 45-60 lbs.
Color:  Red/Blue


To have us string your racquet, you MUST either choose a FREE String option OR put a set of your desired string in your shopping cart (you buy it, we install it FREE of charge).

Recommended Tension Range (lbs): see product specifications above
Mid=blend of power and control
Lower than mid=more power, less control
Higher than mid=more control, less power

For hybrid stringing (multiple strings or tensions) or other specialized requirements, please call us to talk through options and prices.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review