Xenon Vortex V2

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Paddle Core:
Soft Core (More Control)
Paddle Weight:
11.8-12.9 oz.
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Product Overview

New, improved version for 2021 / 2022!
The Xenon Vortex features an over sized head for easy connection with the ball and a light 12.5 ounce weight. In a sharp black / blue cosmetic with a matte black finish and a hefty layer of grit on the paddle face, players will find plenty of grab for added ball spin on their returns! The Xenon is well suited to nearly any player seeking a light, soft (for arm comfort and ball control), easy-swinging paddle.

The soft foam core featured in all Xenon paddles is designed to take some pace off the ball's deflection so the player can better control the ball trajectory. It also offers tremendous shock absorption for more comfort to the arm. The handle design and unique smooth, curved shape at the base of the head allow players to easily choke up or get two hands on the grip if desired.  Xenon paddles are engineered in the USA.

New Xenon Technologies for 2022! V2 refers to the new stock beginning August 2021 and carrying through 2022. What changed?

While the specs match up to the 2020/21 version, the V2 paddles feature a more durable paint finish for longer lasting wear against the rigors of play. Most significantly, Xenon implemented just a slightly denser core (now white instead of last years' black core) for just a bit more responsiveness of the ball off the paddle face. This means that it is still a low density core for control and precision, but it will now help maintain more ball speed as well. Lastly, the paddle's sweet spot has been revamped via perimeter weighting for more stability at impact.

Specifications of the Xenon Vortex V2:

Weight:  12.5 oz. / 355 grams
Core Density:  Low (Soft)
Head Surface Size: 92 square inches
Hole Count:  87
Hole Size: 3/8 inch
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch
Color:  Black/Blue
No cover

Not sure what grip size you really need?

Grip Size:  We know that for many of you, a 4-1/4'' grip is just too small.  For this reason, we offer you a professional grip buildup option so that you can avoid messing around with layers of overgrips to enlarge the handle size.  No, it will not delay the shipping of your paddle.  Don't know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review