Viking O-Zone Prodigy GG 2020 (Gradient)

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Paddle Core:
Soft Core (More Control)
Paddle Weight:
11.8-12.9 oz.
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Product Overview

The Viking O-Zone Prodigy GG (Grit Guard) 2020 paddle carries right on into 2021/2022.  This paddle is the "accuracy master"!

The GG refers to a grit free area above the handle to protect your hands from abrasions.  The O-Zone Prodigy is designed for a player seeking a soft, comfortable paddle that is easy to swing.  With a low density foam core, this shock absorbing paddle reduces vibrations felt at impact and also helps with ball placement for shot-making accuracy by taking some pace off the ball as it deflects more slowly off of the soft core.  

Its low weight helps with maneuverability and swing speed for players who favor ease of swing over more mass.  Its smaller head and extra long grip (a feature of every member of the O-Zone family) is great for two-handed play as it allows players more space for their hands on the handle.  This paddle also features a consistent, heavy layer of a fine particulate, well-adhered grit. THIS DESCRIPTIVE CONTENT IS PROPERTY OF BELL RACQUET SPORTS.

Don't care about color? SAVE when you buy the prior version of O-Zone Prodigy ON SALE NOW; same paddle, different color. (click here)

Specifications of the Viking O-Zone Prodigy GG:

Weight: 12.5 oz. / 355 grams
Core Density: Low (soft)
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 82 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4
Color: Blue (Gradient) (note: due to the hand painting of these paddles, each paddle is unique and may have visible paint differences)
Replaces: Viking O-Zone Prodigy 2019, Lavender
Key difference 2019 vs 2020: No change; new color only


Not sure what grip size you really need?

We know that for many of you, a 4-1/4'' grip is just too small.  Therefore, we offer you a professional grip buildup option so that you can avoid messing around with layers of overgrips to enlarge the handle size.  No, it will not delay the shipping of your paddle.  Don't know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.

Understanding the difference between O-ZONE paddle models

Each of the O-Zones has Viking's smallest head size and tapered throat so that you can more easily choke up on the handle if desired. They vary by weight and density of the core.
O-Zone Pro - (mid+) highest density core, heaviest of the O-Zones
O-Zone Lite - medium density, medium weight
O-Zone Prodigy - low density (softest) core and lightest weight O-Zone


(No reviews yet) Write a Review