Viking Axe Lite

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Paddle Core:
Medium Core (Power and Control)
Paddle Weight:
11.8-12.9 oz.
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Product Overview

The Viking Axe Lite is a brand new model for fall of 2021! The Viking Axe paddles (three in this series) are designed with the maneuverability of the Viking O-Zone paddles and a larger sweet spot and stable feel like the Re-Ignite series.  With a head size of 88.9 square inches, the Axe paddle is a "large mid size" or "small oversize", depending how you want to see it. You can choke up on the elongated handle, or get two hands on it, as with the O-Zone paddles, but the balance isn't quite as head heavy as a traditional oversize paddle. Viking incorporated a carbon fiber weave around the entire throat for added shock reduction and stability making this model feel as great as it plays!

The three Viking Axe models include:
  • Axe Prodigy (lightest with a low density core - easiest to swing and most control)
  • Axe Lite (midweight with a medium density core - blend of power and control)
  • Axe Pro (heaviest with a mid+, firmer density core - most power, firmest feel)

The Viking AXE LITE is designed for a player seeking a paddle that has it all!  With a blend of power and control at a middle weight, the AXE LITE is a safe choice for any level of player and any style of play.  Like the little bear says..."not too soft, not too firm, but juuust right"!  Its extra long grip (a feature of every member of the AXE family) is great for two-handed play as it allows players more space for their hands on the handle.  This paddle also features a consistent, heavy layer of a fine particulate, well-adhered grit.

Specifications of the Viking Axe Lite Paddle:

Weight: 12.7 oz. / 360 grams
Core Density: Medium
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 88.9 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4
Color: Navy / Red / White.

Not sure what grip size you really need?

We know that for many of you, a 4-1/4” grip is just too small.  For this reason, we offer you a professional grip buildup option so that you can avoid messing around with layers of overgrips to enlarge the handle size.  No, it will not delay the shipping of your paddle.  Don’t know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review