Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks, Tube of 6, White - Medium Speed

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Product Overview

The Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks are made in England with exacting standards for consistent results during play. More durable than feathered skirts, a plasticized-nylon skirt adds flexibility and shock resistance to birdies that allows them to perform admirably, no matter the situation.  Great Value!
The tube these shuttlecocks are shipped in can be used as a storage box to ensure that even on the road, your shuttles are protected from wear and tear.
An extremely durable PVC base allows the Carlton T800 birdies to stand up to all levels of play and any abuse that might occur from big hits to accidental damage from eager players. The plasticized nylon skirt serves to add durability while also complementing performance, adding aspects of flexibility and shock-resistance to smashing hits. These shuttles offer a more resilient longevity over feathered birdies.

Details of Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks we stock:

SPEED:  MEDIUM (for all skill levels, temperatures and geographies. Can be used indoors or out)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review