Dunlop Rocket Ultra Yellow, 4 Player Set


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Product Overview

This is a 4 Player Set geared toward POP TENNIS Players! Tremendous Value compared to buying individually!

The Dunlop Rocket Ultra Yellow is a paddle designed for a beginner player to give a blend of all-around power, comfort, and control to their game! Graphite Frame construction that you typically can NOT get at this price point is ideal for beginner through intermediate players as it enhances the control of the ball coming off the face of the paddle.

Many beginners can benefit from this type of ball-guidance as they learn shot placement and proper technique. A hybrid head shape with a wide sweetspot and 60 holes to grab the ball all helps ensure terrific all-around performance at a great price!

This paddle is used for POP Tennis (paddle tennis), padel and beach tennis. This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.


4 Dunlop Rocket Ultra (Yellow) Padel / POP Tennis Paddle Racquets
4 Control+ POP Tennis Balls
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Features of the Dunlop Rocket Ultra Yellow 

  • Performance Series
  • Round Head Shape for a centralized sweet spot
  • 38 mm thickness
  • Helps a beginner with power and control with comfort!

Specifications of the Dunlop Rocket Ultra Padel / POP Tennis Racket 

Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle
Weight: 360-375 grams range, 365 grams averag
Hole Count: 60 holes / parallel pattern
Beam: 38 mm thick
Face Surface: Matte surface / no texture
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4 inch
Color: Black / Yellow
No Cover


(No reviews yet) Write a Review